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Whooooooo Boy....

I’m behind and have only listened to the first episode, but this is amazing. It rides that wonderfully uncomfortable line of being too real and like many others I had to keep reminding myself that it’s satire. I can’t wait to catch up.

Smart & funny

As someone who grew up Catholic then went to an Evangelical Bible college, I truly appreciate how smart and funny this podcast is.

I am just a Donkey

I am just a donkey will be a must listen every Christmas in our house from her forward.

Too blessed to be stressed

I cannot stop listening to this podcast!! Falling in love with Twin Hills

This Podcast Took My Virginity

This is the first podcast I have ever listened to. I am enjoying this so much. I laugh so much during each episode. So good. So freaking good. I guess this is the podcast I listen to now. This podcast took my podcast virginity.

So Good

This brings back all kinds of cringy memories from growing up in a church like this. The gasping cracks me up every time it happens.


Too real

Perfect for self-aware & recovering Christians

This pod is my “weekly bread.” With richly developed and grounded characters, and a realistic mega church backdrop, Mega is literally gives me a P90x - style laughter-based ab workout each week. It’s a therapeutic listen for both self-aware and recovering Christians. Truly a “must subscribe.”

Such a treat and a treasure!

This podcast makes me #blessed


Love this podcast! So funny. Great, satirical look at mega church culture. Too true at times. Well done.

The suspense is killing me

This podcast is a fantastic piece of art but I am DYING to know exactly what’s going on with Russ and Meredith. Can she be a guest??

This podcast is life giving

I love this podcast. I laugh harder at this than I do all week. Perfection. Keep it up!

Could have been the actual thing

I love this podcast because if I wasn’t told it was a slight parity of a mega church I would have thought a actual church just started a podcast. Although I’ve never been to a mega church I’ve heard stories and I’ve grown up and I am still going to church and even worked at a church for a little bit so is all pretty accurate, which makes it even funny.


Anyone who spent time in a church will think this is amazingly awesome. Unless you take your church very seriously. Then you might be offended.

Lord, I lift this show on high

Lord, I love to sing its praises I’m so glad it’s in my life I’m so glad it came to slay us

This show really touches me

Doing life with these people is a real blessing


This is already one of my favorite podcasts and the improv is so well done. Such a great concept!!

Great Improv

This show is hilarious!

Good Lord, this is hilariously accurate.

Going into it, I knew Mega was a comedy. But nonetheless, the conversations and banter so uncannily and shockingly and unflappably mirror the mainstream evangelical mega-church nomenclature that I had to stop mid episode and re-confirm one more time that it is, indeed, a comedy.

Excited to watch this world grow!

Found this show through Good Christian Fun. Very excited to see how these wonderful people grow the world of this mega church with a family feel. The conversational tone is equally soothing and hilarious. Great format!

Our Monday Morning Liturgy

I'm a pastor, and my team now listens to this every Monday. Our text conversation are starting to include lines from episodes, so this thing is settling in nicely for us! Love it. Keep it up.

A real good’n

Here’s the thing, I like podcasts a lot and I really like this podcast which makes this the best podcast. It’s simple arithmetic.


It is risen!

Bless Their Heart...

Between this and GCF, I'm all set 😂

So good it hurts

How are you guys not cracking up when you’re recording this?! Thank you for this

We are blessed and impressed

My 7 babies (fur) and I get into bed and let the sounds of this gift of the Lord play. Holy Ghost through my boombox speakers (which I connect to a laptop). Bless all of you. You are all in my nightlys.

What a blessing

Thank you for this gem. It is a true blessing. I would love to see this podcast live! 🙏🏻

Too much, too good

To some this might be a dog whistle, but for many this podcast is just too good!


Just awesome. Makes you want to pick up a thumb ring and start strumming an accounting guitar. Is there still room to join solo flight?

I just think this podcast is real neat

Looking forward to gathering at Twin Hills every Sunday!