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Might be my all time favorite podcast

This podcast is so funny but it also has been a really helpful place for me to examine my own past growing up with the church. It’s been really eye opening in a way I did not expect and I’ll be honest, there’s moments that I realize OH that’s where that anxiety comes from! I recommend it to almost everyone I know in person and definitely recommend it to all internet strangers.

Fan after 10 seconds

Daniel Van Kirk brought me here. Subscribed after hearing the 10 second promo clip. This show is in my wheelhouse on the boat to Jaffa.


Seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever listened to! Who knew one church could have so many personalities in it?!

If you love this - and who doesn’t?

You need to get on patreon bc the mega minis are amazing!! So much thought provoking content.


This podcast has tapped into the insanity of the evangelical experience with such insight and hilarity.

My only break from a steady diet of true crime

It’s true. I listen almost exclusively to true crime but make an exception for this podcast. It is such a palate cleanser! So funny, and has the actual pulse of US conservative mega churches. I have shared it with many, and even created “best of” lists for each of the different years they’ve been making shows to get my friends started. ☺️


I love the comedy, but this show has been a bit of a life preserver. It’s gotten me to expand my reading list (mega mini), opened me to new ideas and got me into therapy. I’d have to say I’m feeling too blessed to be stressed.


This is so funny OMgoodness


Mega is one of my favorite podcasts. Brilliant and hilarious!

Ready to Podcast

Right now this is my favorite podcast. I’m on the verge of becoming a patreon supporter just to get more of their content. This is genius.

2 blessed 2 be stressed

Perfect show from perfect people ⛪️⛪️⛪️


Mega podcast is the best thing ever. I'm obsessed and no longer dread my loooong commutes thanks to this clever and hilarious show. BRAVO!!!

Absolute gem

This podcast is hilariously relatable! For those of us who grew up in and then left the evangelical mega church world, it is an absolute must. Shines a light on the ridiculous messages we bought into and gives us a laugh over it all, a break from the existential crisis caused by a lifetime of fear. Thank you for this!!

A Treat and a Treasure! (If no one said that yet)

Just discovered this show and it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. It is binge-worthy with a huge back catalog that’s going to keep me busy for a while. The more churchy your background, the funnier it is. Every line channels my time spent in youth ministry as a student and a leader and long car ride with a mother fond of Christian radio. I am partial to Halle’s son Day - who is “Awesome” no matter what Gray says.

Ironically Accurate and Hysterical Satire

I love this podcast so much!! Growing up in church and purity culture - it’s nice to have comic relief for some of the messed up ideologies and things I endured. A good chuckle listening to this podcast can really turn my mood around. :)

A cold featherless chicken.

This podcast is hysterical and sadly reminiscent of my childhood growing up a pk in the Baptist church. 5 stars.

What a hoot!

This is laugh out loud funny!


Full of LOLs whether you know anything about mega churches or not!!!

Can’t get enough

This show is truly bingeable. I can’t get enough of Mega! If you grew up in a toxic church environment, this show is super cathartic. If you have an awesome relationship with your church, this show is a great poke at the things we can find funny about mega church culture. Highly recommend.

If you grew up in Churchworld…

…you will have a come to Jesus moment when you listen to this podcast. Or at least you’ll laugh really hard. I often replay the most hilarious bits to my partner because everyone loves it when they are forced to listen to podcasts while they are brushing their teeth. My favorite part is the upfront chat with the hosts and we learn what’s been happening in CLIMAX!!

Hilarious and …helpful!

I grew up baptist.


PK here, this makes me so happy. You guys are awesome.

I don’t know how they do it.

This podcast is absolutely brilliant. Everyone should listen to it.

Nuanced perfection!

Their ability to satirize evangelical culture so well just astounds me every episode. The threads of Grey’s many relationships (+CMB), my son Day, and the seemingly never-ending amount of bizarre church staff make me come back every time.

I loved it but a bit confused

Is it actually sponsored by exxon mobil? That would be a deal breaker. Its a hilarious podcast, and it would make sense if that ad was a joke. The only reason for the 4 stars is sometimes its too real, its kind of sad.

Kundalini Pasta

A'treat-n'a-tree'asure!! Brilliant!! Laughter truly is good medicine!


Some serious genius going on here with a show that is painfully funny while also critiquing religion with a seductively sweet tone that pulls no punches. The subtext is amazing. It’s Colbert but about faith, capitalism, Evangelicals and Americans. Congrats on this incredible work.

Uplifting Christian podcast

These people are doing the lord’s work by sharing the good news! I’ve been saving my change for a few years now so I can make a trip to Twin Hills Church. Look forward to the day I can come worship with y’all!


Just found Mega…omg, are you kidding? How do you guys come up with this stuff? So clever. Over the top awesome, love it, thank you!

My new favorite podcast

I heard about this on “Dumb People Town”.

A mega-church you’ll *want* to listen to

The MEGA podcast is a treat and a pleasure. Whether you come for Gray’s updates about his youth ministry, “Climax!”, Halle’s reports on trying to fend off her son, Day’s scriptural critiques, or a steady stream of church employees sharing their oddly Godly perspectives, every episode is a delight. It’s a Pod thing.

Therapy for Recovering Evangelicals

Mega will help you unpack and repack all the crazy stuff you were taught in church and reaffirm your faith in the actual "truth" that smart people shall inherit the earth and comedy is actually the way, the truth, and the light!

A must listen for everyone!

Love this podcast. I laugh every episode and look forward to them coming out. A MUST Listen!

This is hysterical

Listening to the Chris Gethard episode, absolutely dying right now. “I went down a dark path.” Hahahaha


Love this podcast so very much! My partner and I listen every single Sunday! To me nothing is better than fun, cleaver comedy. Lots of laughing. I'm an ex christian and for me, this is perfection.

Dead on

This podcast is perfect in every way! Almost too real. I grew up in the evangelical church and it brings back so many memories of living every day with cognitive dissonance. I particularly love her son Day.That was the best episode ever. I could relate to these conversations I used to have when I was a teenager with authorities in the church.Day should have his own spin off podcast.

Such an amazing, tongue in cheek, satire!!

Not one who grew up with a lot of religion in my world (I grew up around “We’re spiritual, not religious” folks) has not slowed down my enjoyment of this podcast one bit! It’s amazingly smart, hilarious and the fact that it’s improv only leaves me that much more dumbfounded! Their guests are awesome and have never disappointed! They are so brilliant and spot on! I mean, “My son, Day” how can you not love it!

Truly amazing

This is the most brilliant satire. Anyone familiar with American evangelism and critical thinking will love this podcast.


Seriously amazing! One of my top 3 shows!

Completely hilarious

As someone who grew up in church, this podcast is spot on every time!

Literally the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to

I only listen to two podcasts and this is one of them. Have never missed an episode and laugh out loud in almost all of them.


It’s hard to find smarter comedy than this! I’ve listened to every episode and some more than once!

Hilarious and insightful satire

This podcast is so well done - my favorite comedy podcast! Both Holly and Greg speak the evangelical language (having grown up in it), and they use it well to create the world of Twin Hills Community Church. They don't pull any punches, but they obviously love their characters and bring knowledge and nuance to what would otherwise be just another weak take on "look how dumb christians are lol." The best part though is that it's FUNNY week in and week out. I recommend starting from the beginning to witness how the characters Halle and Gray develop. So much fun!!!

Hilarious for people familiar with Christian culture

Super funny for people who have a background in the church or are familiar with Christian church culture. Listening to this in bed with my wife is my Sunday morning routine. Also, it’s amazing to realize that it’s improvised. Highly recommended.

OH MY GOSH!!!! I love MEGA!

So blessed and obsessed with MEGA!! I tell everyone about Mega when I can! I listen every Sunday morning! This. Is. My. Church!

Sooooooooo Good

Seriously really really funny, especially if you have a background with the evangelical Christian church. It’s not only funny, but a satirical critique of many issues within the church, giving this podcast an important dual purpose!

It’s my therapy

Coming from a religious background, this podcast has been healing for me as I process spiritual abuse and all the unhealthy things in Christianity. That sounds way too serious, but being able to laugh has been SOOOOO healing for me.

This show is a treat and a treasure!

Do yourself a favor a listen. I think everyone can relate, even a little. You will laugh and laugh and also challenge yourself a bit!

Well done!

Just the entertainment I need during a pandemic. Listening to the whole catalog.


I think you are leaving your friend alone and without the lord, sir. We both know the problem between you is climax. One of you rules climax and the other lives with it. On another subject, Reba was a great show.


I’m not too into comedy podcasts, but this one is just so incredibly well done. Do yourself a favor and check this out.

Even baby Jesus cried with joy and confusion

Of course I love every single episode but your episode this Sunday just tore open my heart threw it on the floor smashed it and put it back together in a little box with a beautiful ribbon it was funny it was smart it was intense even on the third listen I still laughed and cried thank you guys thank you thank you

This is Brilliant

Brilliant improv that satirizes the ridiculousness of American megachurch culture without mocking actual people or beliefs. Somehow they hold the line on pushing the boundaries without being cruel or divisive. It’s filled with smart nuance. I love this show so much. I think Jesus does too.

So Fantastic

Are you ready to laugh?? This podcast gives me the will to keep on keeping on!

Evangelical culture send-up!

Did you grow up in Evangelical World like I did? Looking for a way to find some fun and laughs in it now? These are your people! This podcast makes me laugh every episode!

One of my new favs

I’m a fairly new listener, but as someone who grew up in a church with this mentality and then moved to a mega church, this is just like looking into a mirror and I’ve gotta say it’s great to be able to laugh in retrospect. Great job guys!

Mega feelings about Mega

I grew up in a Midwestern mega church, I’m still in the evangelical world I guess, even though I no longer fit in as my faith as evolved into something much more progressive. This podcast 1) rings SO F’ing TRUE and 2) gives me the perfect outlet for all of my big feelings about church. I am obsessed, and I’m only sorry it took me so long to find Mega.

My favorite!

Holly and Greg (as Halle and Grey) are amazing! As a former evangelical, I can laugh at all the “inside jokes,” but it’s hilarious even if you don’t have that background. The improv is so quick and smart, and the guests are great! Highly recommend!!

A++ podcast

This is a must listen podcast. 25% of my conversations start with “have you heard this weeks mega episode.” One of the best improved podcasts I’ve ever listened to.

Can’t get enough

This show is hilarious. They make up incredible characters and bring so many nuanced details to their conversations. It’s neat!

Sunday Worship

I never miss a Sunday worship session with the incredibly talented Twin Hill gang.

Oh my goodness!

This is my favorite podcast of all the times! It’s quirky, smarmy, intentionally unaware and hilariously funny. Greg Hess and Holly Laurent are improv geniuses. I have been known to scream laugh while driving and listening to MEGA so be careful when listening! Do your soul a favor and give this podcast a listen!

A treat and a treasure

I wish my youth group experience had been like Climax!!! 🤣 But seriously, I don’t listen to podcasts, but I do listen to this one. Perfect level of laugh and cringe, and Holly and Greg have brought me some much needed comfort in the midst of COVID times.

5 stars is not enough...

I absolutely LOVE Mega. I recommend it to everyone and have all of my co-workers hooked on it too! To quote Halle, Mega is a “true treat and a treasure!”


Every once in a while, you come across something Original, which is nice and then you also come across something really, really Funny, which is exciting! Thats what “MEGA” is, it’s Original and Very, Very Funny, also, at first I wasn’t sure if it’s real or satire? I’m pretty sure it’s Satire, although sometimes it feels so Real, I fell in-love with it! I didn’t even know you could fall in love with a Podcast!!! In fact I’ve gotta go back to it and listen to more episodes so I can figure it out. Real? Or Satire? Let me know what you think, after you check it out. Please...

Praise the Lord

This is such a fantastic podcast! Every Sunday, it lifts my spirits and fills my heart. I can’t physically attend Twin Hills, but this podcast makes me feel like I’m part of the congregation nonetheless.

Thank The Lord for MEGA

I patiently await Sunday’s not for church, but for Halle and Grey to release their weekly podcast from Twin Hills. I imagine this podcast would be funny to anyone, but for someone who was raised in an evangelical church, it really strikes a chord! Thank you for making me laugh every week and for helping turn my religious trauma into comedy.

Everyone in the church world needs to listen

Laugh out loud funny! I suggest this podcast all of the time.

Fills my god shaped hole

As with all of the great loves in my life...when you know, you know. I can’t put into words exactly why this touches my heart in the way that it does! It hits some vaguely sentimental spot in my soul that longs for the goofy evangelicalism of my upbringing, without being triggering like actually going to the church I grew up in! Leaves me feeling too anointed to be disappointed!

Jesus CHRIST Mega is the best thing.

Mega is the perfect PTSD treatment for those of us that have deconverted from toxic American Christianity. Go tell it on the mountain! Spread the good news! Come all ye Exvies. Ye deconstructing! Ye unholy & sinful pastoral rejects! REJOICE ALL YE HEATHENS! For the time of mocktrine doctrine has arrived and It. Is. Good.

Laughing until I cried

$5 sniff your panties, episode had me laughing so hard I actually had to get up from my desk at work and go into the bathroom to wipe the tears that were streaming down my face. You guys are great!

Gray keeps it relevant

So thankful I tuned into episode 100! When my 14 year old daughter asked if I knew what WAP meant, I could answer with confidence. So glad she is interested in such religious themed music #WeArePraying 😂

Spot On

This show is perfect. The tones of voice, expressions, and language perfectly mimic American evangelical culture and the improv keeps it fresh!

Hilarious in a mega-church kind of way

Some will find it irreverent and some wil find it Wittenberg Door-ish, but most will find it hilarious. You don't have to have been part of a mega church to get the humor, though it helps. Some of it is really off-the-wall improvised humor, and some of it is quite insightful. You never know what's coming.

So delightful!

Holly is perfect! She’s perky without being overwhelming, and I love her references to her son, Day. The male host(s) are wonderful as well, but I don’t remember their names, sorry. You deserve to have your names remembered, but I lack the ambition to go back and listen to the last 30 seconds of an episode. Anyway, this is a very funny podcast that is a light easy listen, perfect for the weird times we’re living in.


We Are Praying that this podcast never ends and only grows in listeners. Spread the good word.

This pod is an awesome pod

Perfectly outrageous satire and necessary commentary on church culture for those of us dechurching and recovering from American Christianity.

My favorites 🥰

Love these folks, one of the few podcasts that has me laughing out loud every single week. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

a true treat and a true traysure

Do yourselves a favor and listen to this podcast. The guests are always top notch, but Holly and Greg in particular make every moment come alive. It's funny, timely, and flat-out entertaining. Not sure which Gray I most look forward to: super excited giddy Gray or depressed and downtrodden Gray. Both are a delight to listen to.

So funny and relatable 😂

I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness 🙄 and they are an extreme branch of Christianity so this podcast makes me laugh about my childhood and all the trauma that it caused 😂. I discovered it through Christine Scheifer from And That’s Why We Drink, she was the guest this week and it was hilarious and I am now a fan of this podcast!

Never stop

This podcast has given me the gift of laughter during a crappy year. I can truly appreciate a podcast that so perfectly pokes fun at church culture that is all too accurate. Gosh please never stop. I laugh so freaking hard and am so thankful for this podcast.

Mega funny!

I was in need of a laugh out loud podcast, with all the real life crap of 2020 and I found this. The actors are great! And you honestly will laugh out loud! I have been binge listening. It’s very well done. If you want to just laugh, give this a try.


This podcast is such a balm for anyone who has come out of evangelicalism.

Love this podcast

This podcast is the best! It is hilarious.

True to Life.....and Brilliantly Funny!!!

So I have actually worked at a Mega Church (in a previous life) and this Podcast is Spot On 100% Accurate. It’s like they had hidden microphones in our staff meetings! Well Done! If I had to sum this podcast up in two words it would be Subtly Brilliant!!!

Incredibly funny and smartly approached

For any fans of improv comedy, you’ll find a lot of talent in this show. The hosts are hilarious, the guests are exciting, and the satire is as biting as it is powerful.

You’re my happy ending

If you grew up in church or worked in ministry; this is delightful therapy.


Could not stop laughing.

Man Handle

Literally. Laughing. Out. Loud.

I like this.



So good to laugh out loud !!

Startlingly good

This podcast is so funny and charming.


Just a wonderfully smart and perfectly funny improv show


MEGA is trying to send me to meet my maker by having me die of laughter.

Wonderful all around

Perfect satire that manages to humanize it’s targets. Amazing cast and guests.

Perfect Satire

This podcast is awwwesome. The hosts and guests and are so hilarious and wonderful. I particularly enjoy that this show doesn’t necessarily punch down. It can be biting and funny but it’s not cruel. Hooray!

Need to get back on track

Started out hilarious but has taken a turn- recent guests have not been as funny and clearly don’t know Christian culture well enough to do funny improv. Lots of people just playing southern. Get back to the early days of the show! It was so funny and spot on!

Favorite podcast!

This podcast is my new favorite. An hysterically funny parody of an evangelical church. Each employee we meet is funnier than the last. This is smart & witty & fresh. You won’t regret listening.

Gloriously Glorious!

My buddy recommended Mega last week and I’ve been listening to it every day since. The concept is awesome and the cast is also awesome. Basically, it’s an awesome listening experience.

Better and better

I grew up in this church and this show freaking nails it. It’s like cracking me up and healing ptsd at the same time I swear. I’m obsessed


I moved to the South last year to finish grad school and was totally taken aback by all the crazy mega churches here so when I stumbled on the Mega podcast I was delighted. It’s exactly what I imagine all the giant churches here to be like. Always a treat to listen to!!

Is this sega

Every time I see Mega come up on my feed I can’t help but sing the old Sega song? tone? in my head. Like when you boot up sonic the hedgehog. Anyway this is a great podcast.


This podcast is brilliantly funny, well written and well played. I feel like I know every one of the characters. Sad that I’ve binged through almost all and will have to wait a week between services... just like the services at Twin Hills.

On the NOSE

I grew up going to Willow Creek Community Church and the youth pastor’s accent is just too real for me! I will audibly cackle on the el while I listen to Mega!

Gray saying Nebuchadnezzar is everything

Yo, first I love that new eps drop on Sunday mornings. Also it’s so wild that this seamless world is being created with a full backstory rich in detail and Hallie and Gray always keep up with it. Can you believe this is all improvised? I also love that they like to mess with the guests and put them in fun positions they have to think their way out of. Keep the eps coming!

Too real and too funny

As a ministers daughter I wasn’t sure if this podcast was actually funny or just funny for those of us “in the know”. The Christmas Episode from 2018 had me laughing so hard I was crying. Christmas Taxi is my new favorite Christmas song and I will be playing it at all my festivities from here on out.

My Sunday service

I absolutely love this podcast. Greg is so inspiring! The epitome of Christian Man.

Love.. not a Christian but

I just started listening and I absolutely love this podcast. It is so hilarious. I am not a Christian & even though it is a satirizing of the mega church the way they apply the scriptures to all the different situations is fascinating... “so cool..” the improvisation is great as well.

Lord yes!

This podcast really hits the spot. As someone who finds organized religion often silly and sometimes charming, I think these three (and hilarious guests) really nail it.

Spot on! (No Disrespect to Y’all)

The episode No Disrespect to Y’all is my favorite episode! Please make more like that one, because it is hilarious!😂

hilarious and so spot on

If you grew up in a Mega church this is for you. Some episodes feel like they were taken straight from memory bank. I hope that you guys do an episode one day with Day. I'd love to hear his "wokeness" ha!

Jesus wept. Over how good this podcast is.

Mega the Podcast is to people who are apart of mega churches (or really just the evangelical culture today in general) as the movie “Office Space” is to people who work in offices. SO RELATABLE! To borrow Hollys’ phrase, this podcast has been nothing short of a treat and a treasure! So funny. Absolutely brilliant. Also, I’m probably responsible for a few new listeners. No need to thank me though. I’m just doin the Lords work and spreading the good news. Just know in my heart, I gave you 100 stars.

Christianese to the max

Guys, Mega Podcast is the most hilarious and best part of my week. If you have ever spent time in church and can have some self deprecating humor you’ll love this. These people are so funny! “Cuff of Coffee” randomly gets stuck in my head regularly.

Loving it!!!

I just heard the guys on the Tall, Dark and Random podcast promoting your show and I had to give it a listen. This show is transporting me back to listening to adults in my church interact when I was a teenager! Really loving it so far! :) super funnn


This was recommended to me by a fellow Christian and we find it hilarious! It definitely highlights the flaws of church and Christian culture in general in America. Every episode makes me laugh so much! Great writing I always look forward to listening. Bravo!! Highly recommend

Spot On!

Being a Pastor’s daughter, I cannot stress how hilariously spot on this show is. Fantastic voice actors and production! If you’re a fan of Christopher Guest’s films you will LOVE this!

Literally The Best Thing You’ll Ever Listen To

The only bad thing about this podcast is the strange looks you get from people when you bust out laughing at it while listening in the cereal aisle of the grocery store.... Absolutely hilarious! Please, never stop making this podcast!!! It’s the best! Also, support them on Patreon!! Just $5 a month and you get a weekly mini episode!

So inappropriate. So good.

Love this hilarious podcast that literally makes be spit take sometimes. Keep up the highly offensive fantastic hilarity!!!


On one hand, you have what I assumed was a staff of writers putting together a hysterical and awkward interview show (think Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer on “Delicious Dish” from SNL). On the other hand, you’ve got this insanely validating experience hearing the mania so much of us lived while devoted to christian culture. I’m putting both hands together and saying “Bravo!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way.

Obsessed with this podcast- creative and smart

Love the guests and every week it’s the highlight! Grey and Holly are insanely talented and creative. Please do some stuff about immigration stuff- kids in cages - and about all the horrific gun incidents. Also, it would be cool to have a health related ministry (loved candy with the mental illness/pharmaceuticals stuff) that deals with Christianity in medicine. It’s there!!!!!

Hilarious catharsis

As a female pastor coming out of a conservative evangelical background this podcast is the catharsis I need!

Absolutely hilarious

I adore this podcast and the content is perfection. As someone who attends a mega church (well, I sit in the cafe while my kids go to Sunday school) this podcast brings me joy. I’m too blessed to be stressed!

Gentle satire and SO FUNNY

I listen to almost every single episode multiple times! Can’t wait for Gray to realize the reason he can’t name where in Australia he’s from, is that he’s actually a Kiwi!

No low hanging fruit here! Except for fruits of the Spirit.

I laughed so hard I peed. Multiple times. Gray, were u my youth pastor? I like to imagine u are on furlough from Hillsong. Best therapy ever! I mean, best podcast ever!! Bless your hearts. Thank you thank you! Keep ‘um coming, just like you make the youth come to Climax!

From a member of the Twin Hills online campus

I am always so blessed by the THCC team and am so grateful for the ways they use their gifts to serve God and others. And I love that I can send my tithes and offerings through Patreon. They make giving to the Kingdom so easy!


Been in mega church world my whole life and this podcast is ridiculously spot on. I’m a patreon supporter and can’t even get enough!!

One of the best!

This podcast is my new favorite thing. Puts me in mind of a Christopher Guest movie with all the wit, subtlety and dark humor. Wonderfully unique and brilliantly preformed.

Simply the best podcast going

Start at the beginning and grow with the show. So insanely funny. Sharp satire. Spot on. Make it a tv show!

Amazing cultural humor 😂

If you got the background (or current) experience for it, this thing is GOLD.

So impressed

Wow, I am so impressed. The pacing is amazing with so many beautiful gems in the writing/improv. Thank you for the laughs and joy & thank you for the opportunity to unpack this culture in such a wonderful way.

Impressive & Cathartic

This is a truly impressive, creative, and enjoyable podcast. I believe the characters exist and the experience of this podcast is nearly cathartic. Exceptional work!

Too impressed not to be blessed

I love it! I recommend to any and all who I think will appreciate ( not my born-again sister obvs) These people are brilliant, I quote the episodes all the time. Have turned a bunch of people on to it. I subscribe to 25 podcasts but this is the only one I will pay into. At treat and a ... you know.


Seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever listened to!

Spot-on Satire

Having grown up in an evangelical church environment, this podcast is weirdly comforting to me. They capture the ridiculous corniness of it all without being mean-spirited, which I appreciate. I have laughed out loud so many times at the authenticity of the phrases and sudden bursts of praise songs. Absolutely hilarious.

Crying at Work

OMG. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in a LONG time! My coworkers think I’m completely insane and I don’t even care because I’m too dope not to hope!

Spit take

Y’all. Not 3 minutes in I nearly spit coffee all over my keyboard. Definitely a lot of “inside baseball” for people who have or do spend a lot of time in churches, which is a rarely well-served population in comedy. I so appreciate being able to laugh at the tropes and idiosyncrasies of the church while counting myself as a part of the church.

You know what, this podcast is a treat and a treasure!

Such funny characters!!! I just love the hilarious accuracy!

Soooo gooood

This show is amazing. It’s the best new show on the market!

Spot on

I grew up in an evangelical church and this podcast makes me feel so seen. Absolutely hilarious.

Good stuff, multi uses

Listen while grocery shopping. Laugh out loud as you browse the aisles.


The most consistently funny podcast I've found. I want live shows, come to Atlanta the home of Mega Churches


This is just... genius. If you like Christopher Guest, this is your jam. Shout out to The Teens! Also, I might be learning about the Bible at this point because of this show? I can’t really tell, but Christianity needs more satire and less psychos. The producers clearly have some background in this world. Honestly, it’s a little scary at times for a secular heathen like me. Like all good satire, they’re not lying. Too anointed to be disappointed!

Cringe-worthy in the Best Way

This podcast is hilarious and scary sometimes in the spot on depiction of a certain aspect of christian culture. Holly and Greg are awesome, and the guests are an great addition to the mix. Look forward to this podcast each week. 🙏


Love this podcast! Super funny and so entertaining!

Think John Crist....but edgier.

This is hilarious, especially if you are too dope not to hope. I recommended this to my Dad’s friend group and they now listen to it on the same day so they can all discuss it. Love love love!

Must listen

This show never disappoints. Every week, something catches me off guard and I’m left laughing out loud. Stop what you’re doing and give this show a listen!

Goodness gracious

Look. All I can say about this is it’s the single greatest creation in the history of the internet. It’s so spot-on perfect. I want to write something witty or pithy here, but I can’t, I’m just too awestruck.

Absolutely my favorite podcast

Literally every episode is funny. I’m not looking forward to the day where I’m all caught up and have to wait a whole week for each new episode. Mega is my favorite podcast yet that I’ve listened to. Think about Nebuchadnezzar!!!!

Hilarious and witty

Twist Christian culture just a few more degrees and you get Mega. Hilarious and so accurate it hurts. I listen to each episode twice because I miss jokes while I’m laughing!! Good clean fun that also causes me to reflect about the authenticity of my own faith. HIGHLY recommend!!

Great comedy

I chuckle to myself constantly at the great humor on this show. Some of it is so subtle that I almost miss it. Best line of the last podcast I listened to? "This bush is on fire!!" (sung of course)


One episode in and I am hooked!

2 Elated 2 Be Frustrated

As someone who has been single their whole life, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Russ’ ministry at Solo Flight! I pray to one day be in a partnership that is as fulfilling and inspiring as his relationship with Meredith is. Been missing his voice on the last few episodes. Hope they’re enjoying their trip together and/or in separate parts of the country. Keep it up, y’all!

Too blessed not to rate

I am not a podcast person but this one changed my mind. Absolutely genius & hilarious. I listened to all episodes in a week.

I can’t quit....

Every nuanced detail is funnier than the last. I’d park by building H by the volleyball courts and get my 10000 steps in to listen. Slightly obsessed.

Treat and a Treasure

This is my first ever podcast review and let me assure you, I’m glad I guarded my heart until now. Halle, Russ, and Gray have me literally LOLing every week—from the spontaneous Lord I Lift Your Name On High sing-along, to the Pads Ministry, to the deceptively complex delivery of the line “I love that...”—they somehow just get it. If you too had a weird mega church adolescence, prepare to feel seen in a way you never have been before. Must be a #godthing that I found it. #awesome

Utterly hilarious

Of course a mega church with an escalator and food court should have a podcast! It’s a clever and spot on spoof of simple religious catch phrases (Too dope not to hope!) and people who follow them blindly. So smart and funny!

So funny!

I love listening to this podcast, so funny!!

Life will never be the same

This podcast is HILARIOUS! I’ve laughed to the point of tears and almost spit water out all over my desk. If you need this level of joy in your life, don’t hesitate to listen - you won’t be disappointed.

I dare you to find something funnier...

This is hosted by comedic geniuses who interview comedic genius guests. I laugh outloud by myself constantly and I am totally unclear on how they aren’t all laughing all the time. I’m addicted to the endorphins this podcast gives me. Thank you Holly, Greg, and Ross.

Hilarious and too real

Having been in church for years (and recently left), this is too funny and too real! Neb-e-k-neeezer!


Masterful comedy that makes you feel good after you listen. A treat and a treasure!


I worked at a mega church and this is so ridiculously accurate (down to the staff member with the Australian accent)


I laughed so hard at the first episode of this that I stopped what I was doing and sent notes to many people to check this podcast out. This is so so great

Laugh out loud funny

I LOVE this podcast! Laugh out loud funny! It’s my new favorite


This podcast is sensational. So clever. So creative. If you were raised religious- you must check this out. If you were not raised religious- you must check this out.


Christianese at its finest. Too real :)

So funny and so good!

I love Mega- it is hilarious and so spot on in so many ways. I tell everyone about it!

“Black Mirror” for churches

Brilliantly clever. Clearly rooted in personal firsthand experience. There are truths wrapped up in this dark cloud of comedy. A “Black Mirror”for mega churches. So thankful my small church (and not all churches) are this way. But thankful for the providential beauty of satire that Holly and friends brings to reflect on.

Whooooooo Boy....

I’m behind and have only listened to the first episode, but this is amazing. It rides that wonderfully uncomfortable line of being too real and like many others I had to keep reminding myself that it’s satire. I can’t wait to catch up.

Smart & funny

As someone who grew up Catholic then went to an Evangelical Bible college, I truly appreciate how smart and funny this podcast is.

I am just a Donkey

I am just a donkey will be a must listen every Christmas in our house from her forward.

Too blessed to be stressed

I cannot stop listening to this podcast!! Falling in love with Twin Hills

This Podcast Took My Virginity

This is the first podcast I have ever listened to. I am enjoying this so much. I laugh so much during each episode. So good. So freaking good. I guess this is the podcast I listen to now. This podcast took my podcast virginity.

So Good

This brings back all kinds of cringy memories from growing up in a church like this. The gasping cracks me up every time it happens.


Too real

Perfect for self-aware & recovering Christians

This pod is my “weekly bread.” With richly developed and grounded characters, and a realistic mega church backdrop, Mega is literally gives me a P90x - style laughter-based ab workout each week. It’s a therapeutic listen for both self-aware and recovering Christians. Truly a “must subscribe.”

Such a treat and a treasure!

This podcast makes me #blessed


Love this podcast! So funny. Great, satirical look at mega church culture. Too true at times. Well done.

The suspense is killing me

This podcast is a fantastic piece of art but I am DYING to know exactly what’s going on with Russ and Meredith. Can she be a guest??

This podcast is life giving

I love this podcast. I laugh harder at this than I do all week. Perfection. Keep it up!

Could have been the actual thing

I love this podcast because if I wasn’t told it was a slight parity of a mega church I would have thought a actual church just started a podcast. Although I’ve never been to a mega church I’ve heard stories and I’ve grown up and I am still going to church and even worked at a church for a little bit so is all pretty accurate, which makes it even funny.


Anyone who spent time in a church will think this is amazingly awesome. Unless you take your church very seriously. Then you might be offended.

Lord, I lift this show on high

Lord, I love to sing its praises I’m so glad it’s in my life I’m so glad it came to slay us

This show really touches me

Doing life with these people is a real blessing


This is already one of my favorite podcasts and the improv is so well done. Such a great concept!!

Great Improv

This show is hilarious!

Good Lord, this is hilariously accurate.

Going into it, I knew Mega was a comedy. But nonetheless, the conversations and banter so uncannily and shockingly and unflappably mirror the mainstream evangelical mega-church nomenclature that I had to stop mid episode and re-confirm one more time that it is, indeed, a comedy.

Excited to watch this world grow!

Found this show through Good Christian Fun. Very excited to see how these wonderful people grow the world of this mega church with a family feel. The conversational tone is equally soothing and hilarious. Great format!

Our Monday Morning Liturgy

I'm a pastor, and my team now listens to this every Monday. Our text conversation are starting to include lines from episodes, so this thing is settling in nicely for us! Love it. Keep it up.

A real good’n

Here’s the thing, I like podcasts a lot and I really like this podcast which makes this the best podcast. It’s simple arithmetic.


It is risen!

Bless Their Heart...

Between this and GCF, I'm all set 😂

So good it hurts

How are you guys not cracking up when you’re recording this?! Thank you for this

We are blessed and impressed

My 7 babies (fur) and I get into bed and let the sounds of this gift of the Lord play. Holy Ghost through my boombox speakers (which I connect to a laptop). Bless all of you. You are all in my nightlys.

What a blessing

Thank you for this gem. It is a true blessing. I would love to see this podcast live! 🙏🏻

Too much, too good

To some this might be a dog whistle, but for many this podcast is just too good!


Just awesome. Makes you want to pick up a thumb ring and start strumming an accounting guitar. Is there still room to join solo flight?

I just think this podcast is real neat

Looking forward to gathering at Twin Hills every Sunday!


I’m hooked - can’t wait for more!

I love a pretzel bun

Almost as much as I love this podcast.