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I’m hooked - can’t wait for more!

I love a pretzel bun

Almost as much as I love this podcast.

To pod be the glory

Listening to this and giggling to myself as I wait outside the church to pick my kids up from Christian school 😬😂 I came as a fan of Good Christian Fun and their guests! Love the hosts and can’t wait to hear more great guests and characters :)

The Lord spoke to me

He told me to download Mega the podcast.

Holy, holy, holy funny podcast

My new weekly Small Group.

Took me to Church

In the Christian way.

Sooooo funny

I rofld all the way to church


The hosts give a wonderful performance showing us the satirical nature of a mega church. I’m sorry excited to see where their journey goes.

Too anointed

To be disappointed

HE has risen

Genuine, real, and raw. Taking the CHRISTian faith to a whole new level. Keep letting the Spirit lead! HE has risen indeed.

HILARIOUS "inside baseball" references to church ridiculousness galore

I can't stop laughing. Climax - hahaha!!!! You guys hit the nail on the head for all of it, right down to the crazy name of the obscure musician - CJ Martin What???! I can't wait for the next ep. And as a now-reformed former "plugged in" member of several contemporary Christian churches over 20 years in 4 states I have SO MANY IDEAS for you!!! Please, please bring in the fictitious head of the women's ministry (i.e. the Amazing Pastor Steve's wife, obvi!!). I have so many stories for you if you run out of ideas - wish I'd thought of this!!! Love it!

Praise the Lord!

This podcast is just what my soul needed.

our god is an awesome god!

anyone who grew up in the church will find this hilarious!

Hella Funny

This podcast is.


Wish I could hold onto this rainbow.


Come, now is the time to worship. Come, now is the time to lift your voice. Come, now is the time to worship. Come.

Funny stuff!

Keep finding ways to fit “Nebuchadnezzar” into the conversation with that Australian accent, and I’ll be back! Very funny, looking forward to leaning more about the church and these characters over more episodes!


This is one of the best things I've stumbled upon in quite some time.