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Spot on

I grew up in an evangelical church and this podcast makes me feel so seen. Absolutely hilarious.

Good stuff, multi uses

Listen while grocery shopping. Laugh out loud as you browse the aisles.


The most consistently funny podcast I've found. I want live shows, come to Atlanta the home of Mega Churches


This is just... genius. If you like Christopher Guest, this is your jam. Shout out to The Teens! Also, I might be learning about the Bible at this point because of this show? I can’t really tell, but Christianity needs more satire and less psychos. The producers clearly have some background in this world. Honestly, it’s a little scary at times for a secular heathen like me. Like all good satire, they’re not lying. Too anointed to be disappointed!

Cringe-worthy in the Best Way

This podcast is hilarious and scary sometimes in the spot on depiction of a certain aspect of christian culture. Holly and Greg are awesome, and the guests are an great addition to the mix. Look forward to this podcast each week. 🙏


Love this podcast! Super funny and so entertaining!

Think John Crist....but edgier.

This is hilarious, especially if you are too dope not to hope. I recommended this to my Dad’s friend group and they now listen to it on the same day so they can all discuss it. Love love love!

Must listen

This show never disappoints. Every week, something catches me off guard and I’m left laughing out loud. Stop what you’re doing and give this show a listen!

Goodness gracious

Look. All I can say about this is it’s the single greatest creation in the history of the internet. It’s so spot-on perfect. I want to write something witty or pithy here, but I can’t, I’m just too awestruck.

Absolutely my favorite podcast

Literally every episode is funny. I’m not looking forward to the day where I’m all caught up and have to wait a whole week for each new episode. Mega is my favorite podcast yet that I’ve listened to. Think about Nebuchadnezzar!!!!

Hilarious and witty

Twist Christian culture just a few more degrees and you get Mega. Hilarious and so accurate it hurts. I listen to each episode twice because I miss jokes while I’m laughing!! Good clean fun that also causes me to reflect about the authenticity of my own faith. HIGHLY recommend!!

Great comedy

I chuckle to myself constantly at the great humor on this show. Some of it is so subtle that I almost miss it. Best line of the last podcast I listened to? "This bush is on fire!!" (sung of course)


One episode in and I am hooked!

2 Elated 2 Be Frustrated

As someone who has been single their whole life, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Russ’ ministry at Solo Flight! I pray to one day be in a partnership that is as fulfilling and inspiring as his relationship with Meredith is. Been missing his voice on the last few episodes. Hope they’re enjoying their trip together and/or in separate parts of the country. Keep it up, y’all!

Too blessed not to rate

I am not a podcast person but this one changed my mind. Absolutely genius & hilarious. I listened to all episodes in a week.

I can’t quit....

Every nuanced detail is funnier than the last. I’d park by building H by the volleyball courts and get my 10000 steps in to listen. Slightly obsessed.

Treat and a Treasure

This is my first ever podcast review and let me assure you, I’m glad I guarded my heart until now. Halle, Russ, and Gray have me literally LOLing every week—from the spontaneous Lord I Lift Your Name On High sing-along, to the Pads Ministry, to the deceptively complex delivery of the line “I love that...”—they somehow just get it. If you too had a weird mega church adolescence, prepare to feel seen in a way you never have been before. Must be a #godthing that I found it. #awesome

Utterly hilarious

Of course a mega church with an escalator and food court should have a podcast! It’s a clever and spot on spoof of simple religious catch phrases (Too dope not to hope!) and people who follow them blindly. So smart and funny!

So funny!

I love listening to this podcast, so funny!!

Life will never be the same

This podcast is HILARIOUS! I’ve laughed to the point of tears and almost spit water out all over my desk. If you need this level of joy in your life, don’t hesitate to listen - you won’t be disappointed.

I dare you to find something funnier...

This is hosted by comedic geniuses who interview comedic genius guests. I laugh outloud by myself constantly and I am totally unclear on how they aren’t all laughing all the time. I’m addicted to the endorphins this podcast gives me. Thank you Holly, Greg, and Ross.

Hilarious and too real

Having been in church for years (and recently left), this is too funny and too real! Neb-e-k-neeezer!


Masterful comedy that makes you feel good after you listen. A treat and a treasure!


I worked at a mega church and this is so ridiculously accurate (down to the staff member with the Australian accent)


I laughed so hard at the first episode of this that I stopped what I was doing and sent notes to many people to check this podcast out. This is so so great

Laugh out loud funny

I LOVE this podcast! Laugh out loud funny! It’s my new favorite


This podcast is sensational. So clever. So creative. If you were raised religious- you must check this out. If you were not raised religious- you must check this out.


Christianese at its finest. Too real :)

So funny and so good!

I love Mega- it is hilarious and so spot on in so many ways. I tell everyone about it!

“Black Mirror” for churches

Brilliantly clever. Clearly rooted in personal firsthand experience. There are truths wrapped up in this dark cloud of comedy. A “Black Mirror”for mega churches. So thankful my small church (and not all churches) are this way. But thankful for the providential beauty of satire that Holly and friends brings to reflect on.