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Lord yes!

This podcast really hits the spot. As someone who finds organized religion often silly and sometimes charming, I think these three (and hilarious guests) really nail it.

Spot on! (No Disrespect to Y’all)

The episode No Disrespect to Y’all is my favorite episode! Please make more like that one, because it is hilarious!😂

hilarious and so spot on

If you grew up in a Mega church this is for you. Some episodes feel like they were taken straight from memory bank. I hope that you guys do an episode one day with Day. I'd love to hear his "wokeness" ha!

Jesus wept. Over how good this podcast is.

Mega the Podcast is to people who are apart of mega churches (or really just the evangelical culture today in general) as the movie “Office Space” is to people who work in offices. SO RELATABLE! To borrow Hollys’ phrase, this podcast has been nothing short of a treat and a treasure! So funny. Absolutely brilliant. Also, I’m probably responsible for a few new listeners. No need to thank me though. I’m just doin the Lords work and spreading the good news. Just know in my heart, I gave you 100 stars.

Christianese to the max

Guys, Mega Podcast is the most hilarious and best part of my week. If you have ever spent time in church and can have some self deprecating humor you’ll love this. These people are so funny! “Cuff of Coffee” randomly gets stuck in my head regularly.

Loving it!!!

I just heard the guys on the Tall, Dark and Random podcast promoting your show and I had to give it a listen. This show is transporting me back to listening to adults in my church interact when I was a teenager! Really loving it so far! :) super funnn


This was recommended to me by a fellow Christian and we find it hilarious! It definitely highlights the flaws of church and Christian culture in general in America. Every episode makes me laugh so much! Great writing I always look forward to listening. Bravo!! Highly recommend

Spot On!

Being a Pastor’s daughter, I cannot stress how hilariously spot on this show is. Fantastic voice actors and production! If you’re a fan of Christopher Guest’s films you will LOVE this!

Literally The Best Thing You’ll Ever Listen To

The only bad thing about this podcast is the strange looks you get from people when you bust out laughing at it while listening in the cereal aisle of the grocery store.... Absolutely hilarious! Please, never stop making this podcast!!! It’s the best! Also, support them on Patreon!! Just $5 a month and you get a weekly mini episode!

So inappropriate. So good.

Love this hilarious podcast that literally makes be spit take sometimes. Keep up the highly offensive fantastic hilarity!!!


On one hand, you have what I assumed was a staff of writers putting together a hysterical and awkward interview show (think Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer on “Delicious Dish” from SNL). On the other hand, you’ve got this insanely validating experience hearing the mania so much of us lived while devoted to christian culture. I’m putting both hands together and saying “Bravo!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way.

Obsessed with this podcast- creative and smart

Love the guests and every week it’s the highlight! Grey and Holly are insanely talented and creative. Please do some stuff about immigration stuff- kids in cages - and about all the horrific gun incidents. Also, it would be cool to have a health related ministry (loved candy with the mental illness/pharmaceuticals stuff) that deals with Christianity in medicine. It’s there!!!!!

Hilarious catharsis

As a female pastor coming out of a conservative evangelical background this podcast is the catharsis I need!

Absolutely hilarious

I adore this podcast and the content is perfection. As someone who attends a mega church (well, I sit in the cafe while my kids go to Sunday school) this podcast brings me joy. I’m too blessed to be stressed!

Gentle satire and SO FUNNY

I listen to almost every single episode multiple times! Can’t wait for Gray to realize the reason he can’t name where in Australia he’s from, is that he’s actually a Kiwi!

No low hanging fruit here! Except for fruits of the Spirit.

I laughed so hard I peed. Multiple times. Gray, were u my youth pastor? I like to imagine u are on furlough from Hillsong. Best therapy ever! I mean, best podcast ever!! Bless your hearts. Thank you thank you! Keep ‘um coming, just like you make the youth come to Climax!

From a member of the Twin Hills online campus

I am always so blessed by the THCC team and am so grateful for the ways they use their gifts to serve God and others. And I love that I can send my tithes and offerings through Patreon. They make giving to the Kingdom so easy!


Been in mega church world my whole life and this podcast is ridiculously spot on. I’m a patreon supporter and can’t even get enough!!

One of the best!

This podcast is my new favorite thing. Puts me in mind of a Christopher Guest movie with all the wit, subtlety and dark humor. Wonderfully unique and brilliantly preformed.

Simply the best podcast going

Start at the beginning and grow with the show. So insanely funny. Sharp satire. Spot on. Make it a tv show!

Amazing cultural humor 😂

If you got the background (or current) experience for it, this thing is GOLD.

So impressed

Wow, I am so impressed. The pacing is amazing with so many beautiful gems in the writing/improv. Thank you for the laughs and joy & thank you for the opportunity to unpack this culture in such a wonderful way.

Impressive & Cathartic

This is a truly impressive, creative, and enjoyable podcast. I believe the characters exist and the experience of this podcast is nearly cathartic. Exceptional work!

Too impressed not to be blessed

I love it! I recommend to any and all who I think will appreciate ( not my born-again sister obvs) These people are brilliant, I quote the episodes all the time. Have turned a bunch of people on to it. I subscribe to 25 podcasts but this is the only one I will pay into. At treat and a ... you know.


Seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever listened to!

Spot-on Satire

Having grown up in an evangelical church environment, this podcast is weirdly comforting to me. They capture the ridiculous corniness of it all without being mean-spirited, which I appreciate. I have laughed out loud so many times at the authenticity of the phrases and sudden bursts of praise songs. Absolutely hilarious.

Crying at Work

OMG. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in a LONG time! My coworkers think I’m completely insane and I don’t even care because I’m too dope not to hope!

Spit take

Y’all. Not 3 minutes in I nearly spit coffee all over my keyboard. Definitely a lot of “inside baseball” for people who have or do spend a lot of time in churches, which is a rarely well-served population in comedy. I so appreciate being able to laugh at the tropes and idiosyncrasies of the church while counting myself as a part of the church.

You know what, this podcast is a treat and a treasure!

Such funny characters!!! I just love the hilarious accuracy!

Soooo gooood

This show is amazing. It’s the best new show on the market!