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a true treat and a true traysure

Do yourselves a favor and listen to this podcast. The guests are always top notch, but Holly and Greg in particular make every moment come alive. It's funny, timely, and flat-out entertaining. Not sure which Gray I most look forward to: super excited giddy Gray or depressed and downtrodden Gray. Both are a delight to listen to.

So funny and relatable 😂

I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness 🙄 and they are an extreme branch of Christianity so this podcast makes me laugh about my childhood and all the trauma that it caused 😂. I discovered it through Christine Scheifer from And That’s Why We Drink, she was the guest this week and it was hilarious and I am now a fan of this podcast!

Never stop

This podcast has given me the gift of laughter during a crappy year. I can truly appreciate a podcast that so perfectly pokes fun at church culture that is all too accurate. Gosh please never stop. I laugh so freaking hard and am so thankful for this podcast.

Mega funny!

I was in need of a laugh out loud podcast, with all the real life crap of 2020 and I found this. The actors are great! And you honestly will laugh out loud! I have been binge listening. It’s very well done. If you want to just laugh, give this a try.


This podcast is such a balm for anyone who has come out of evangelicalism.

Love this podcast

This podcast is the best! It is hilarious.

True to Life.....and Brilliantly Funny!!!

So I have actually worked at a Mega Church (in a previous life) and this Podcast is Spot On 100% Accurate. It’s like they had hidden microphones in our staff meetings! Well Done! If I had to sum this podcast up in two words it would be Subtly Brilliant!!!

Incredibly funny and smartly approached

For any fans of improv comedy, you’ll find a lot of talent in this show. The hosts are hilarious, the guests are exciting, and the satire is as biting as it is powerful.

You’re my happy ending

If you grew up in church or worked in ministry; this is delightful therapy.


Could not stop laughing.

Man Handle

Literally. Laughing. Out. Loud.

I like this.



So good to laugh out loud !!

Startlingly good

This podcast is so funny and charming.


Just a wonderfully smart and perfectly funny improv show


MEGA is trying to send me to meet my maker by having me die of laughter.

Wonderful all around

Perfect satire that manages to humanize it’s targets. Amazing cast and guests.

Perfect Satire

This podcast is awwwesome. The hosts and guests and are so hilarious and wonderful. I particularly enjoy that this show doesn’t necessarily punch down. It can be biting and funny but it’s not cruel. Hooray!

Need to get back on track

Started out hilarious but has taken a turn- recent guests have not been as funny and clearly don’t know Christian culture well enough to do funny improv. Lots of people just playing southern. Get back to the early days of the show! It was so funny and spot on!

Favorite podcast!

This podcast is my new favorite. An hysterically funny parody of an evangelical church. Each employee we meet is funnier than the last. This is smart & witty & fresh. You won’t regret listening.

Gloriously Glorious!

My buddy recommended Mega last week and I’ve been listening to it every day since. The concept is awesome and the cast is also awesome. Basically, it’s an awesome listening experience.

Better and better

I grew up in this church and this show freaking nails it. It’s like cracking me up and healing ptsd at the same time I swear. I’m obsessed


I moved to the South last year to finish grad school and was totally taken aback by all the crazy mega churches here so when I stumbled on the Mega podcast I was delighted. It’s exactly what I imagine all the giant churches here to be like. Always a treat to listen to!!

Is this sega

Every time I see Mega come up on my feed I can’t help but sing the old Sega song? tone? in my head. Like when you boot up sonic the hedgehog. Anyway this is a great podcast.


This podcast is brilliantly funny, well written and well played. I feel like I know every one of the characters. Sad that I’ve binged through almost all and will have to wait a week between services... just like the services at Twin Hills.

On the NOSE

I grew up going to Willow Creek Community Church and the youth pastor’s accent is just too real for me! I will audibly cackle on the el while I listen to Mega!

Gray saying Nebuchadnezzar is everything

Yo, first I love that new eps drop on Sunday mornings. Also it’s so wild that this seamless world is being created with a full backstory rich in detail and Hallie and Gray always keep up with it. Can you believe this is all improvised? I also love that they like to mess with the guests and put them in fun positions they have to think their way out of. Keep the eps coming!

Too real and too funny

As a ministers daughter I wasn’t sure if this podcast was actually funny or just funny for those of us “in the know”. The Christmas Episode from 2018 had me laughing so hard I was crying. Christmas Taxi is my new favorite Christmas song and I will be playing it at all my festivities from here on out.

My Sunday service

I absolutely love this podcast. Greg is so inspiring! The epitome of Christian Man.

Love.. not a Christian but

I just started listening and I absolutely love this podcast. It is so hilarious. I am not a Christian & even though it is a satirizing of the mega church the way they apply the scriptures to all the different situations is fascinating... “so cool..” the improvisation is great as well.