The Rise and Fall of Twin Hills! Mega Mini series premieres on May 21!
April 3, 2022

Skillet Face with Jo Scott

Skillet Face with Jo Scott
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Josie See (Jo Scott, Joe Pera Talks With You) is married in the metaverse.


Jo Scott: @joscotttt 



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Halle: Mega is an improvised satire from the staff of a fictional megachurch.

Hi, I'm Holly Labonte. And this is mega coming to you from twin Hills community church, where every single week we give our mega church a tiny family feel. We introduce you to members of our church staff, people from our community. I always think this is a trade in. It is a treasure well, per usual, I'm joined by my co-host he's the youth pastor for our high school ministry called climax, please.


Gray: has name above all names. Gains above all gains. Holly, how are you? Oh, 

Halle: that is so cool. I am great. How are you gray with 

Gray: I'm doing great, Holly. I'm not sure if you notice my clothes are a bit messy because I just got done doing some paint balling with my teens who come to climax. That was fun. I'd never done paint balling before they got really into it.

We did, you know, you have two teams red, this blue, or in our case, we did Christians versus. You know, pagans, who is what was kind of a, an umbrella term for, you know, I just considered everybody on that team either. You know, somebody who reads Harry Potter, a Muslim or a Catholic. So that was really fun and good thing.

The Christians Bailey one in the hand. So that was a bit nerve wracking.

Halle: Is Bailey one of your 

Gray: climax kids? Well, three and ain't Bailey. No Bailey. Like we barely, yeah, we barely won, 

Halle: but the Christians won well, that's, what's important. Yeah. And, um, gotta win. I mean, you have God on your side. Goodness 

Gray: gracious. My personal life is, well, it got a bit tense this week, Holly, because.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned her before, but my former lady friend, Jen Hatmaker. Yeah. I mean, she's just really been out there kind of putting it in my face that she's dating some new guy, which is insulting because, you know, I had to break up with her because he was basically obsessed with me, Holly, but then she called me this week and kind of, you know, we got in a bit of a TIFF because she said, you know, I was in the.

When she goes on, live on Instagram, she, I was, you know, chatting kind of telling people the whole story in the, in the live chat. And she said, I can't do that. And then I said, what do you mean? And you know, I'm just trying to tell people about our relationship. And she said, no, not that I don't really care about our relationship.

I want you to stop using the discount code for my book. Oh, wow. And I just kind of was like, okay, whatever. Um, what 


Halle: you getting? 

Gray: What were you getting with the code? Oh, you can also to discounts Holly and you also get discounts on clothes and things like that. And, um, cool. So I, you know, I said, Hey, the discount.

It was out there for everybody to use. And she goes, no, that one was for you to use because I gave you an extra 30% off the, whatever I just had. Jen, I cannot get into this with you right now. I'm so sorry. And of course, that, that was all taking place in the Instagram chat, um, that she was saying that because.

Pretty much. I, I blocked in EMBA, so yeah, pretty awkward Halley. Um, but she's just going to have to live with the choices that she made. Let go and let God, that is right. How was your 

Halle: week grey? You know, that being a mom is the joy in my life. Yeah, you've said that. And, um, I just, I savor every moment with my kids, whether it's in the car or at home making memories, it just really is.

It's um, it's the honor of my life to be the mom of these kids day. And my daughters, it seems 

Gray: like most of mothering is being in the car. Yeah, it 

Halle: is like that a lot. It's picking up a lot of pizza pizzas, you know, but, um, I was singing, I was in a good mood and I put on some Amy Grant cause she makes my heart sing and she makes me sing.

And I'm singing in the car. I'm Alexis. I got my daughter's in there and I'm singing. Um, She her hair, everything about her. She's 

Gray: gorgeous. I mean, just the best hair, maybe the best hair in all of Christendom. 

Halle: Wait, Vince Gill loves her. I feel like you always see these memes, like find somebody who looks at you like that, this or whatever 

Gray: you always.

Right. Y'all wait. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. 

Halle: Way your way. Oh, well you always see these scenes and stuff that says, find a man who looks at you like this, find a man who wraps your feet like this. Find somebody, you know, and that is Vince Gill. Oh, I love their love. So what happened in the car? I was singing this Amy Grant.

In a little while we'll be with the father can't you see him smile. And I just was belting it out. And my daughters were probably trying to get me the zip it. And one of them said, what are you singing? What are those words? And I said, you know what? This is an opportunity to talk to them about Jesus returning because in a little while we are going to be with the father because Jesus come back.

It is eminent. It could happen any day now. And they said, well, Amy Grant is saying in a little while, how long is a while? And. I dunno, I have to look it up because like a mile is a measurement of distance a while is a measurement of time. Okay. But you don't have, like, it's not a specific measurement of time.

It's just a word that connotes the passing of time, I guess. 

Gray: What is a little 

Halle: while? Well, if you say it depends on how you say it. Cause if you go, oh, it's been a little while, then that means 

Gray: a long time. Usually the service is bad, but if you say 

Halle: it's only been a little while, then that means not. Exactly.

But you can't say big while. You can say a little while, but you can't say big while, 

Gray: right? Yeah. I guess you can't. That's interesting. You 

Halle: can say quite a while. You can say, meanwhile, you can't say tiny while either. You can't say tiny while you can say meanwhile, but you can't say nice. 

Gray: So it seems like a, a while.

Is he the long or short, but it's definitely not fat. A thin, 

Halle: yeah. You can say a little while or a long while, but you can't say a big while or a small while, or like you pointed out a tiny while, right? Yeah. Uh it's it's been a good, it's been a good one. Can you say a 

Gray: good while? Yeah, I think so. We say that in Australia, you use the word while 

Halle: we do, but it means something different.

Oh, well, the way we use it is it is a measurement of time, but not a specific one. So you got to put in that adjective or an adverb. I don't know what an adverb is, but something like an adjective, but, um, yeah. So you got, you can say, well, now that I think about it, you can say meanwhile, but you can't say nice while, but you can say good while.

I think, I think you can say, oh, it's been a good one. Yeah. So you can say a good while and a meanwhile, but not a nice while. You can say long while, little while, but not big wild, small, wild, no tiny while and quite awhile. Um, and it also depends on how you say it. So 

Gray: what did 

Halle: she tell you dog? Well, I told her that, you know, the Bible says we don't know the day or the hour, but we also know that it could come any day.

It could be a little while, and I don't think it's going to be a long while. And I think that meanwhile, we should be like, you know, telling people the good news of the gospel, because it could be quite a while, but it's probably not going to be. And we know it can't be a big while or a small while or a tiny while, but it could be a nice while and a nice while, you know, while doing the Lord's work could be a nice way to spend a while 

Gray: it took a while.

Halle: well, just like the Bible promises us that this world is not our home. Our guest today brings Christ into the virtual. It is Josie. See, we are so excited to have you here. You need to inform us about what you're doing. Well, thank you 

Josie: for having me. I'm, uh, delighted to be here. You know, as you know, I can do most of this stuff from my home.

And so it's very rare that I see. Face-to-face person to person and it's, it's a delight. Well, 

Halle: can you see us right now with that VR headset on? Are we 

Gray: inside this? 

Josie: Can you see? I could add, well now I programmed it before I got here and you'll never believe this. And I should have asked before I should have asked before I came, but I did kind of make avatars for you too.

So I, I can see your avatars that I hear hear you speaking, but. Haley you are a kind of a, J-Lo looking tiger. Wow. That I've created for you. Yes. If I, if I, if I could describe a tiger as Jennifer Lopez, that is what it would. What, because there's, it is a tiger, but she's wearing some cool Jennifer Lopez clothes.

And then what about me? What about me? I just went very basic and made a kangaroo. And I'm sorry, it feels racist, but 

Halle: there was a national pride he's from down under. 

Josie: Okay, bro. Well, it's some people, some people like it. When you say your, you know, when you scream, you're Australian and some people don't and I'm, I'm figuring that out.

And I've got to say this, a virtual reality headset is helping me as I hope it's going to help everyone. At the church just kind of learn 

Halle: VR headsets can bring us closer to Christ. I mean, I'm all in. And before you get too discouraged gray about your avatar, just because mine's so cool. Um, I want to point out to you.

If I may offer you a word basket of encouragement, have you. I've seen how wrapped a male kangaroo is. They have these pecs and lats and biceps and triceps, and they go like this and they, and they show them off. And they're very, very virile 

Gray: Kelly. Whenever we saw a kangaroo in Australia, it was shooting instantly.

So no, I never, anyway, I just wanted to get back to the VR. Because you are the new Josee C or is that Josie? So I, is it Joe Sisi is with a C period? No, 

Josie: no, no. It's Jones. Joe CC. See Josie C yeah. C and C as in? Yes. Dozy. See Joe CC. Yeah. Joseph C Joe CC. And, um, I did, I changed my name once I got this VR position.

Oh, I wanted to make it clear. Oh, 

Gray: that's so cool. That is great. What was it? What was the last name? 

Josie: It was Josee eat. And, and that was when I was working at the McDonald's and, you know, I've just, I want people to just, I want my job to know 

Gray: I'm dedicated. Okay. So you just like to change your name, to whatever job you have at the times that 

Halle: it 

Josie: absolutely it's.

It's just like, I'm one of those. You know, they have the colors, I've got the verbs or, you know, whatever. 

Halle: Well, I do have to tell you I got nothing against a Mickey D's. I like one of those apple pies in a, in a tiny cardboard paper box. I got nothing against the classic big Mac. Um, I'll even go with a cheeseburger from time to time just for the good old days.

But the fries you just can't argue with. Those are the best fries period and stop full stop. That's it. Best fries. There are from 

Josie: God to us. Thank you. You know, there's some people that aren't believers. Um, I I've, I've definitely, I obviously, when I worked there, but I'm just like, how are you going to say there's no, God, if there's McDonald's 

Gray: yeah, I've never had McDonald's but anyway, you know, Josie, Josie, see, you are now what people are current calling the of twin Hills.

And so tell us a little bit about how, what is your role here now that you're trying to bring all the elements of this awesome place that we call our church home into the, the, what do you call it? The metaverse now is that. The 

Josie: metaverse and it's massive. It's massive. Like it is, there are so many aspects of VR we're trying to bring to the church.

First of all, we're trying to get more people into the church. The old people that are about dead, that, you know, that have stopped coming. This is a good way to get them in. I call them the ADSL almost EDS. Still, you know, we, we can't forget about the almost it's the people who are unattractive and don't come to church because they're not attractive.

We're trying to get those people back in. We don't want to see that, but we, you know, we'd love to see them as kangaroos or J-Lo tigers or whatever. What have you, I'm also, we're trying to get Christian people into the metaverse. 

Gray: Okay. Are they not a lot of Christians in the metaverse right now? No, no, no, no, no, no, not 

Josie: really.

It is, it is the wild, wild west in 

Halle: there. Oh, like a lawless Jesus lists. Oh yeah. These 

Josie: are, these people are sniffing virtual drugs and, and, and bop it on virtual dicks. And I'm sorry, I have to be explicit there, but they are so much going on. And none of it has to do with Christ. Haley. It's hard. Oh no. So just trying to get in there and just say, stop and try this and look you there and things like that.

Just kind of mix it up. Yeah. So, um, so just getting into the metaverse and, and, and massive portion on education on virtual reality education. Cause you know, those Bible stories, they can get thick, you know, they hard to follow, right? I'm 

Halle: not a big boring. Well, yeah, 

Josie: I barely remember Adam and Eve is, I can't tell you how many times people have to repeat that story.

To me, it's confusing. That's what I'm saying, but I can't do it. But if you get this virtual thing on your eyes and then you go there and you're. And you're kind of see 

Halle: in it, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You see the snake? Oh my 

Josie: gosh. I won't be there. And it is hard to deny it. Wow. Once you see it with your own eyes, once I was there right there virtually I judged Eve less.

I still hate her, but I did judge her lists. Okay. 

Halle: Yeah. We have to remember, especially once we're voyaging into the virtual world of reality that we have to remember, especially you and I Josie say is that. A woman who reached out and took what she desired not only destroyed her life, but, and it destroyed the entire planet or for all people for all time.

And we really have to remember that. Cause, cause if people are bopping on DS and, and um, you know, reaching up and eating apples and doing whatever they want, snort and some kind of virtual drugs and all this stuff, we gotta be very careful. And for those of you who don't know what VR is, Josie Z is she is wearing a thing over both of her eyes.

Is it Josie's. Josie Josie C O like Spanish. Yeah, there you go. And she has this thing over her eyes. It's strapped around her head. It's almost like if you it's, like, if you took a cast iron skillet and held it up to your face, but then like shrunk it into an oblong thing instead of a background skillet, it's like she's staring into an oblong skeleton.

Josie: Haley. That was beautiful. I would love just the audio of that so I can transcribe it and put it on the website because that described it perfectly. I'll type it up. Send it 

Halle: over to you like a bio. Get 

Gray: into the virtual world. It's like putting on oblong skillet on your face. I think that is a good sales pitch.

Halle: And right now, Josie, see, while you're looking at us in there, we're talking like my tiger J-Lo faces talking and his kangaroo mouth is talking to you. Yes, 

Josie: yes. And I got to say great. The Kingery. Neither here nor there. The kangaroo is neither here nor there, but the, the J-Lo tiger. Her tail is twitching.

Oh, you know, I mean, it's just, her hair is in the wind. It's beautiful. I mean, I mean, I know you are a site as well, but I mean, 

Gray: isn't there, isn't the kangaroo here and there 

Halle: is the kangaroo ripped the kangaroo. 

Josie: Is that the, it is here and there, I guess I'm saying it's not exciting. And I, and I'm sorry, you had to lead me to that gray, but you forced me to 

Halle: say 

Gray: just to switch the avatar because it seems like it's something that maybe we could do before the session.

I could switch 

Josie: it in a second, but not with this voice that you have for me, I guess. How, how are you feeling about, I mean, 

Gray: I can do other accidents. I mean, you Jackman he's all right. He's not as ripped as people say he is to be honestly, yeah. Oh, one thing I did, Joe C C is, um, you know, what I worry about is people hear about these virtual planets and they're like, I, but are they really having true human connection in, are they are, they're able to relate to one another when the say, you know, Elizabeth person, uh, in Holly's case, a strange tiger.

Josie: So lutely and I, and I I'm here to testify. Honestly, I'm here to testify because there's people in that metaverse that I care about more about that, my own children. And that's not a dish on your kids. I love my kids. They have. A plus kid. So I love my kids. They are great, but people in the metaverse I'm really connecting with.

Gray: Wow. You allow your kids to go into the metaverse. 

Josie: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's they cannot be trusted. I, I know. I just said I love my kids and I, I do love them, but it is. I'm not ready for. Yeah, with great power comes 

Halle: great responsibility in my favorite testimony. Now here's the thing Josie see, is that, um, I want to just say right quick that I appreciate your honesty.

As a mother, I've got daughters. I have a teenage son. I. In it. Oh, I, and I'm in it to win it, but I'm having a hard time. And I appreciate your honesty because I think a lot of parents feel like you have to say your children are the greatest in the whole world. Not just the greatest kids, they're the greatest humans that you know, and you know what, it's not true.

It's not like I've birthed Nelson, Mandela or mother Teresa. You know, there are people out there that are better than my kids. You know, we got your Amy Coney Barrett and stuff, educated themselves. Cavanaugh's these are good, you know, God-fearing people, um, I'm, I'm not claiming that I've made the best people in the world anyway.


Josie: and I, and I love. I like, I, you know what? It's not easy having a flawed a child, but I am leading them to Christ. Now, what if I had a baby came out? Perfect. Where am I to take them? 

Halle: Yeah, it would be intimidating. 

Gray: And I get a D or your kids living with you at home. Are they? No, no, no, no, 

Josie: no, no, no, no, no.

That's not 

Gray: dope. Oh really? Where are 

Josie: they? They are at a boarding school for Christ. Surely. Visit them. Oh, cool. 

Halle: They had their own VR headsets at their bored in school. 

Gray: So you virtually visit them, but you don't allow them into the virtual reality. So how does that 

Halle: work? Parental controls. Yes. I'm 

Josie: going in there and there.

Well, gosh, I getting into it. It's more of a. Juvenile delinquent. Like it's a pre juvenile delinquent. They're not in trouble for anything, but they're kind of red flags. 

Gray: Okay. You sign them up before they really do the deed. Yes. 

Josie: It's kind of a scared, straight, straight situation. Okay. And, um, you know, I don't know.

They, they seem fine. They're screaming. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm good. There's just something behind that. And, um, and that is actually something you can't get virtually. And don't fire me from the job. I can not change my last name for at least another year is what they're telling me at the DMV. But anyway, a lot of paperwork, it is, it is.

Um, but yes, they are there and I visit them virtually. I've made them their own avatars and then I just have them speak into the mic and then I see them and, and I make them, you know, I don't make them as muscular and beautiful as you are. Avatars, because I don't want to be attracted to my own sons. You know, I fear my own sons and that's enough as 

Halle: it is, but yeah.

Yeah. Well, I just want to welcome you to staff because I feel so proud at twin Hills when we innovate with technology, we're not just early adopters in terms of getting the babies right out of the woman's vagina, who was thinking about having an abortion, but we're also early adopters in terms of technology.

I mean, we were one of the first mega churches to start streaming. And now what's that what's online streaming, a service watching lead pastor Steve preach on your web browser. When you could put a skillet on your face and you could be watching him 360, you could come up. You could even like, could you, could you touch the 

Gray: touch to him?

Halle: Could you touch him? Could you walk 

Josie: right up to him in those heads? Not all. Not only can you touch him, but he can slap your hand. Okay. Oh, yes. Yes. And we're, I don't, I, you guys are really bringing it out, pulling it out, but you're really pulling it out of me, but we are now also working on some VR, um, S smell the sensory of smell, 

Halle: smell of vision.

Josie: Yeah. And then you get that, you get the skillet on your head. You're thinking. You know, you can, you can smell the bodies in church, so you could 

Halle: feel Steve slap you and you could almost smell his Acqua di Gio on his, uh is frankly 

Josie: exactly. That is exactly what we're saying, which is just, listen, we've been in this church, we've been going to church.

People have been going to church for hundreds of years for forever. How much has it changed? 

Gray: Right. I mean, this is basically like the church between Hills I've always said is we're doing church. Like Jesus would have done it, which is, you know, this is, this is, you know, we are an ax based church. This is a first century style church.

And that that's what Jesus wants. And I think Jesus would also say, Hey, if I was living today, I want to be where the people are. I want to get it. You know, Jesus, didn't say I want to go into a virtual planet situation. I'll go in there and I'll talk to the sinners and I will, I will heal hot. 

Josie: Absolutely. I, yes, I want to be where the people are.

I want to see, I want to see them dancing. Absolutely. 

Halle: Yeah. We have to update the way we do church. You know, we're not doing church the way Adam and Eve did church in the garden, or the way that, you know, the tribes traveling around in the desert, we're doing church, we got to update it so that people know that Christ is.

Gray: Well, isn't that the way Holly, I mean, it's really a balance between how Christ and the first Christians did church and how we bring the past into the present. And I feel like what Joe Sisi is doing here is, is just that. And I did want to ask what is that suit that you're wearing? Because you know, a lot of times I haven't really seen anybody wearing.

I guess it was like a catsuit of some sort. Yeah. It 

Halle: almost looks like a, um, like a wetsuit, like for a surfer. 

Josie: I wasn't even going to mention it. You guys are like some hard hitting interviewers. It is a haptic suit. Thank you so much for asking. And this is going to take your virtual experience to a whole new level and I'm trying to get it funded for the church.

And this is why I, I love that. Meeting with you today. Okay. If you're listening, please reach out. Reach out to the, to the church heads and let them know this sounds fun. It sounds like a delight. The other week I fell asleep in church. I would love to do a VR experience. You know, this haptic suit is going to it.

I'm telling you when I was there with Adam and Eve seeing the tree feeling the breeze. Okay. Whoa. Yes. And actually against my leg, I feel what oh. The snake. Oh my God. Adam, the snake. Oh my gosh. It was wild. Okay. I go, oh no. I say, oh no, it's like, I'm at the theater and I'm sorry. I'm admitting it. I can't believe it.

You guys are really pushing the, putting the heat on you guys are really putting the heat on me. I'm a talker in the theater. I am a talker. I was going 

Halle: to say, are 

Gray: you saying, oh, no. In the theater? 

Josie: Yeah. I'm saying, oh no. In the virtual, in the metaverse. Oh, okay. What if I tell you, I guess what happens? Emo avatar.

Oh my gosh. It's like a little, it's got, it's a little frog with an earring and a Justin Bieber hairdo sin. And he's coming in to watch it with me. It's it's one of my friends I've met in the metaverse. Oh, okay. And he turns to me, he goes, what is, what kind of game is this? I say game. This is the Bible story, 

Halle: sir, 

Gray: right?

Yeah. This is the ultimate game. This is the original 

Halle: game in that, right. That's right. 

Josie: He came to our mega church. He came to Swan Hills. No, I mean, maybe he wasn't wearing it haptic suit. So I can't, I don't think he was getting the same kind of feelings, but he, he came to RPS, he came to our church, 

Halle: he came to our church.

Well, praise him, praise him, praise 

Gray: him, praise him, you know? And, um, so yeah, maybe that's enough about the haptic suit. I did want to ask, um, you know, your name is Joe CC and you name used to be. Joe eats Jesse Josee eats. I got it. And I just wanted to ask, I have, I'm so interested in people's background, how they got into their careers.

What, what were you doing before? What was your name before McDonald's and maybe we can, uh, guess what you are up 

Halle: to. 

Josie: Sure. Thing. Well, it was a family business and it was Josee sucks. Sucks. 

Halle: And was it, oh, you were cleaning pools and you were putting the little, um, like water vacuum down there and second up the air.

Gray: what else? 

Halle: Sucks. Sucks. Um, hot tub. Um, really 

Gray: what's really sucks. I mean, Hillsong now 

Josie: my mom's sex, my dad said we all set, but it was just my name. They had their own. Yeah. 

Gray: Uh, maybe Cleveland fans or 

Josie: no, no. Cleveland, Cleveland is such a sad place. It really 

Gray: is. I pray for it every day. 

Josie: They just say it to 

Gray: themselves.

It's his greatest lie perpetuated on a city. I can't do a 

Josie: thing with it virtually. There is no change in it really is what it is. Yeah. It's just a mess car 

Halle: vacuum. Um, drive up, uh, you know, how you can drive up and get those big vacuum sucker cleaners for your 

Josie: car. And

Oh, yeah, that felt so good. I've told you, I've asked people to guess before, 

Halle: and let me tell you they are way off. 

Gray: Yeah, because 

Halle: I was worried fare so well, Josie, see, I have a quick question and forgive me if this is too personal a question, but I would love to know the reasons that you hate. And cause maybe we have the same ones.

Cause the way, you know, I was taught Genesis is that she's the reason we have our periods, which I Joan enjoy. And, um, but that was one of the curses in the garden is that she would have pain in childbirth and that now, because she took the apple and she gave it to Adam. Now we have to men straight for all female kind for all time.

And I really hate her for that. Besides bringing sin into the world. Why do you hate her? I just hate her because 

Josie: she. You know, she's not a doer. She telling people to do stuff. I'm a doer, you know, I see things. I suck them. I see things. I eat them. I see things. I see them. And I, I'm not telling someone else to do it for me.

Halle: Uh, you're not a delegator Eve was a little too delegating, right? 

Josie: Eat the apple 

Gray: in a sheet, doing that in the virtual. Uh, sort of planet that you're in or is that is the character of Eve somebody else playing that? Who is, yeah, 

Josie: Lucy, this is fully insane. I'm just, this is like, I'm on Dateline. I, I, wasn't going to say a damn thing, but I got to tell you, she, she comes off pretty clean in the virtual world.

What the story was not. You know, she's barely there. She's dancing and stuff. She's, she's kind of around he's his, Adam's doing the stuff on it or is on and she's gorgeous. Oh really? Wow. She's gorgeous. The little emo kid next to me said, who's this? Oh, wow. Beyonce. I go it's Eve go figure. Wow. Wow. Um, bad and that 

Halle: will Josie see, are they naked?

I mean, do you have to avert your eyes? Could you look and see the full frontal on Adam? I mean, that wouldn't be appropriate or 

Gray: is this some kind of warning a rating 

Halle: for this one? I have now covered themselves with the fig Leafs. Where are we at in this story? 

Josie: If I'm honest, I can't believe I'm saying it, but I am in control.

And I didn't put clothes on them. I wanted it to be real. And so, and I might've embellished the, these things or that things, but, you know, it's, it's, what's going to keep, this is all what virtual reality is about. What's going to keep you awake. What's going to keep butts in the seat and I wanted, I wanted everything.

In tip-top shape. Look at hot smoking, hot keeping it fun. Well, Hmm. Yeah, 

Halle: we, yeah, we have to make the Bible relevant for people so that they fall as deeply in love with the scripture as we're in love 

Gray: with it, or the NFTs there in the Bible virtual world. Yes. And 

Josie: they're going for big time. Yes. Get your, get your skillet and get in here.

Wow. They're out 

Gray: here. I don't even know what they are really, but I'm really. 

Josie: No one does 

Halle: now. I mean, not to go down a dirty, naughty nasty road in my mind, but you know, like I said before I am a mom, I have a teenage boy, I gotta be on the lookout all the time to make sure that his mind stays pure you're in the grocery store.

You just glance over at a magazine cover next to the snicker bars. And all of a sudden you see a full frontal nude on the cover of glamour of Jameela, Jamil, uh, you know, just covering up the, the hotspots with her hands. And her leg to cover, but she's got not a scrap on her. I'm trying to keep my teenage boy from a lust and in the flesh.

And so my mind goes down this road, when I see you with the thing on your face and the body suit, because I say to myself, I says, what if some teenagers, um, you know, if I can feel Steve Lee, pastor Steve slap me away? Well, what if my, my, my teenager could feel. Uh, girl, reach out and, you know, touch him somewhere on his body.

I mean, what if these kids were to take it to where they could be doing things, you know, less than in the flesh, in the virtual world? I mean, how are we going to keep that from being a thing 

Josie: we can't oh, I am sorry. I am sorry. I'm trying to figure it out, but I got to tell you every time I put the skillet on my face it's I'm in the virtual world for two seconds before, um, I'm having some.

Born again, kind of, hello. Thank you. I'm coming. If I'm honest, I it's just it's, it's part of the 

Halle: culture church, the virtual 

Josie: reality culture. and they're literally, you meet people in the metaverse and they just say, Hey, how are you? How many times have you come today? Are you wearing a haptics? So stuff like that, it's it's, it's a part of it's part of the world.

Halle: And you're 

Gray: coming, you're 

Halle: coming to 

Josie: church and you're coming into yes. And it, when, when people say I'm coming this week and there's, there's a double meeting for virtual and I, and I, and I, and if I'm honest and I know, listen, I love my kids are there. I think I've made that clear. Okay. I, I fear them and I love them.

And I, and I understand this fear, but hear me out. They can have a virtual experience and guess what? Now they're not looking for. Net net. Now they're not out there out in the world, possibly meeting a Catholic right now. They're not, you know what I'm saying? You have all the control. Yeah. Oh God. Can you believe?

Okay. I'm not even gonna get into it. Saving yourself for marriage. I'm so sure. You're saying 

Halle: that VR can help you save yourself for marriage because wow. So it could be a tool that's used for good. I mean, are there virtual venereal diseases? Is there virtual pregnancy? No, there is not. Whoa. I am married.

Josie: The metaverse. I am married in the metaverse. That is can't believe I'm telling you this. 

Gray: Who are you married to in the Meadows. And is it a marriage? I mean, this is so fascinating to me because yeah, it's hard to know what's real and what's not, but you're saying you're in a, you're married in the Meadows.

And do you consider that a real. Well, 

Halle: I do 

Josie: consider a real marriage in the metaverse, but my husband here on earth on the planet does not know. But jazz, back to what Haley was asking about earlier, making those connections, I've never, I've never felt closer to anyone but KROQ. My husband and the metaverse is croak.

His name is croak and. 

Halle: S like a bull frog. That's a very isolate, um, avatar and animal because it went from my, in a tadpole to a frog. It had a transformation the same way we do when we become Christ followers. Very, very Bible-based, uh, animal. Very cool croak. That's a good call. I feel good about him learning from 

Josie: you.

This is my whole point. We can never stop learning. I'm learning here on your podcast. You learn the virtual word world and you learn in the virtual metal world. You know, I didn't know that I needed another marriage. I had no idea. I had none. And if I'm honest, Croke could be a fifth grade girl in Alabama.

I don't know. But what I know is I feel heard by croak, I feel loved by KROQ and that is. Okay. Even though I have no real idea of who they really are, what they look like or anything else that I have no real idea of anything. That's real. It is real. And you just have to get you ha I would love for you to, to meet me in the actual metaverse 

Gray: and your husband is your husband here.

Okay. With it? 

Josie: It's to tell you the truth. He likes that I have a hobby

Josie C 

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Josie: notes.