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Can’t get enough

This show is truly bingeable. I can’t get enough of Mega! If you grew up in a toxic church environment, this show is super cathartic. If you have an awesome relationship with your church, this show is a great poke at the things we can find funny about mega church culture. Highly recommend.

If you grew up in Churchworld…

…you will have a come to Jesus moment when you listen to this podcast. Or at least you’ll laugh really hard. I often replay the most hilarious bits to my partner because everyone loves it when they are forced to listen to podcasts while they are brushing their teeth. My favorite part is the upfront chat with the hosts and we learn what’s been happening in CLIMAX!!

Hilarious and …helpful!

I grew up baptist.


PK here, this makes me so happy. You guys are awesome.

I don’t know how they do it.

This podcast is absolutely brilliant. Everyone should listen to it.

Nuanced perfection!

Their ability to satirize evangelical culture so well just astounds me every episode. The threads of Grey’s many relationships (+CMB), my son Day, and the seemingly never-ending amount of bizarre church staff make me come back every time.

I loved it but a bit confused

Is it actually sponsored by exxon mobil? That would be a deal breaker. Its a hilarious podcast, and it would make sense if that ad was a joke. The only reason for the 4 stars is sometimes its too real, its kind of sad.

Kundalini Pasta

A'treat-n'a-tree'asure!! Brilliant!! Laughter truly is good medicine!


Some serious genius going on here with a show that is painfully funny while also critiquing religion with a seductively sweet tone that pulls no punches. The subtext is amazing. It’s Colbert but about faith, capitalism, Evangelicals and Americans. Congrats on this incredible work.

Uplifting Christian podcast

These people are doing the lord’s work by sharing the good news! I’ve been saving my change for a few years now so I can make a trip to Twin Hills Church. Look forward to the day I can come worship with y’all!


Just found Mega…omg, are you kidding? How do you guys come up with this stuff? So clever. Over the top awesome, love it, thank you!

My new favorite podcast

I heard about this on “Dumb People Town”.

A mega-church you’ll *want* to listen to

The MEGA podcast is a treat and a pleasure. Whether you come for Gray’s updates about his youth ministry, “Climax!”, Halle’s reports on trying to fend off her son, Day’s scriptural critiques, or a steady stream of church employees sharing their oddly Godly perspectives, every episode is a delight. It’s a Pod thing.

Therapy for Recovering Evangelicals

Mega will help you unpack and repack all the crazy stuff you were taught in church and reaffirm your faith in the actual "truth" that smart people shall inherit the earth and comedy is actually the way, the truth, and the light!

A must listen for everyone!

Love this podcast. I laugh every episode and look forward to them coming out. A MUST Listen!

This is hysterical

Listening to the Chris Gethard episode, absolutely dying right now. “I went down a dark path.” Hahahaha


Love this podcast so very much! My partner and I listen every single Sunday! To me nothing is better than fun, cleaver comedy. Lots of laughing. I'm an ex christian and for me, this is perfection.

Dead on

This podcast is perfect in every way! Almost too real. I grew up in the evangelical church and it brings back so many memories of living every day with cognitive dissonance. I particularly love her son Day.That was the best episode ever. I could relate to these conversations I used to have when I was a teenager with authorities in the church.Day should have his own spin off podcast.

Such an amazing, tongue in cheek, satire!!

Not one who grew up with a lot of religion in my world (I grew up around “We’re spiritual, not religious” folks) has not slowed down my enjoyment of this podcast one bit! It’s amazingly smart, hilarious and the fact that it’s improv only leaves me that much more dumbfounded! Their guests are awesome and have never disappointed! They are so brilliant and spot on! I mean, “My son, Day” how can you not love it!

Truly amazing

This is the most brilliant satire. Anyone familiar with American evangelism and critical thinking will love this podcast.


Seriously amazing! One of my top 3 shows!

Completely hilarious

As someone who grew up in church, this podcast is spot on every time!

Literally the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to

I only listen to two podcasts and this is one of them. Have never missed an episode and laugh out loud in almost all of them.


It’s hard to find smarter comedy than this! I’ve listened to every episode and some more than once!

Hilarious and insightful satire

This podcast is so well done - my favorite comedy podcast! Both Holly and Greg speak the evangelical language (having grown up in it), and they use it well to create the world of Twin Hills Community Church. They don't pull any punches, but they obviously love their characters and bring knowledge and nuance to what would otherwise be just another weak take on "look how dumb christians are lol." The best part though is that it's FUNNY week in and week out. I recommend starting from the beginning to witness how the characters Halle and Gray develop. So much fun!!!

Hilarious for people familiar with Christian culture

Super funny for people who have a background in the church or are familiar with Christian church culture. Listening to this in bed with my wife is my Sunday morning routine. Also, it’s amazing to realize that it’s improvised. Highly recommended.

OH MY GOSH!!!! I love MEGA!

So blessed and obsessed with MEGA!! I tell everyone about Mega when I can! I listen every Sunday morning! This. Is. My. Church!

Sooooooooo Good

Seriously really really funny, especially if you have a background with the evangelical Christian church. It’s not only funny, but a satirical critique of many issues within the church, giving this podcast an important dual purpose!

It’s my therapy

Coming from a religious background, this podcast has been healing for me as I process spiritual abuse and all the unhealthy things in Christianity. That sounds way too serious, but being able to laugh has been SOOOOO healing for me.

This show is a treat and a treasure!

Do yourself a favor a listen. I think everyone can relate, even a little. You will laugh and laugh and also challenge yourself a bit!