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So, so purely funny, ESPECIALLY if you grew up in church

Just hilarious - the comedy and jokes are SO specific and such deep references about the church.

The show I didn’t know I needed!

Your pod was recommended by another podcast I love, Wife of Crime. They said we should give it a listen especially if you grew up in the church. It’s hilarious 🙌🏻

I love this podcast

It’s so funny

Love it

If they didn’t have the disclaimer at the front about being a satire, you wouldn’t know. Ring so true

Perfect Mix

It’s reaching onion level of satire accuracy. Just tipping the reality to higher levels. If I didn’t know it wasn’t satire/comedy I would question if it was an actual Christian show.

Fun and Enjoyable

Improv is usually a coin toss of funny luck as to whether I am chuckling or zoning out into unimaginative ways to mow my lawn next week. Thankfully this podcast has some very talented folks that steer the dialogue into unpredictable dialogue and catchphrases that keep me smiling and sharing it with others I feel will feel right at home at Twin Hills. I hope you find it fun and enjoyable too.

This. Is. Amazing.

Your podcast is quickly becoming on of my favs. Hilarious content and great hosts and guests!

Cannot stop laughing

I was raised in an atheist home in the Deep South, and this is so hilariously spot on to what I saw around me growing up. I love it!

Love it!

As someone who grew up inside of the Evangelical world and has gone through deconstruction and kissed that world goodbye this podcast makes me giggle and not alone in the journey.

So good

I’m an ex Mormon and found this so funny. It reminds me of ridiculous lds members. So good this is improv

Might be my all time favorite podcast

This podcast is so funny but it also has been a really helpful place for me to examine my own past growing up with the church. It’s been really eye opening in a way I did not expect and I’ll be honest, there’s moments that I realize OH that’s where that anxiety comes from! I recommend it to almost everyone I know in person and definitely recommend it to all internet strangers.

Fan after 10 seconds

Daniel Van Kirk brought me here. Subscribed after hearing the 10 second promo clip. This show is in my wheelhouse on the boat to Jaffa.


Seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever listened to! Who knew one church could have so many personalities in it?!

If you love this - and who doesn’t?

You need to get on patreon bc the mega minis are amazing!! So much thought provoking content.


This podcast has tapped into the insanity of the evangelical experience with such insight and hilarity.

My only break from a steady diet of true crime

It’s true. I listen almost exclusively to true crime but make an exception for this podcast. It is such a palate cleanser! So funny, and has the actual pulse of US conservative mega churches. I have shared it with many, and even created “best of” lists for each of the different years they’ve been making shows to get my friends started. ☺️


I love the comedy, but this show has been a bit of a life preserver. It’s gotten me to expand my reading list (mega mini), opened me to new ideas and got me into therapy. I’d have to say I’m feeling too blessed to be stressed.


This is so funny OMgoodness


Mega is one of my favorite podcasts. Brilliant and hilarious!

Ready to Podcast

Right now this is my favorite podcast. I’m on the verge of becoming a patreon supporter just to get more of their content. This is genius.

2 blessed 2 be stressed

Perfect show from perfect people ⛪️⛪️⛪️


Mega podcast is the best thing ever. I'm obsessed and no longer dread my loooong commutes thanks to this clever and hilarious show. BRAVO!!!

Absolute gem

This podcast is hilariously relatable! For those of us who grew up in and then left the evangelical mega church world, it is an absolute must. Shines a light on the ridiculous messages we bought into and gives us a laugh over it all, a break from the existential crisis caused by a lifetime of fear. Thank you for this!!

A Treat and a Treasure! (If no one said that yet)

Just discovered this show and it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. It is binge-worthy with a huge back catalog that’s going to keep me busy for a while. The more churchy your background, the funnier it is. Every line channels my time spent in youth ministry as a student and a leader and long car ride with a mother fond of Christian radio. I am partial to Halle’s son Day - who is “Awesome” no matter what Gray says.

Ironically Accurate and Hysterical Satire

I love this podcast so much!! Growing up in church and purity culture - it’s nice to have comic relief for some of the messed up ideologies and things I endured. A good chuckle listening to this podcast can really turn my mood around. :)

A cold featherless chicken.

This podcast is hysterical and sadly reminiscent of my childhood growing up a pk in the Baptist church. 5 stars.

What a hoot!

This is laugh out loud funny!


Full of LOLs whether you know anything about mega churches or not!!!

Can’t get enough

This show is truly bingeable. I can’t get enough of Mega! If you grew up in a toxic church environment, this show is super cathartic. If you have an awesome relationship with your church, this show is a great poke at the things we can find funny about mega church culture. Highly recommend.

If you grew up in Churchworld…

…you will have a come to Jesus moment when you listen to this podcast. Or at least you’ll laugh really hard. I often replay the most hilarious bits to my partner because everyone loves it when they are forced to listen to podcasts while they are brushing their teeth. My favorite part is the upfront chat with the hosts and we learn what’s been happening in CLIMAX!!